Goodbye Suzuki Inazuma - No Relaunch planned for India despite decent Demand

Goodbye Suzuki Inazuma - No Relaunch planned for India despite decent Demand

Snapshot: Suzuki has said that the Inazuma chapter is now done and dusted and there are no plans to bring it back!!

The Suzuki Inazuma was one of the unfortunate products from the Suzuki Motorcycles India's stable that failed to cause any mark in the Indian market. Make no mistake, the Inazuma was a brilliant product and anyone who had ridden one would tell you that it suited to our countries roads and atmosphere completely and that it was a bike that was tailor made for long distance touring. What hurt the Inazuma most was its rather steep price tag of 3 lakhs ex-showroom and secondly the way it looked, the Inazuma could not match the excitement its much good looking and sensibly priced rivals had.

Designed to be inspired by the stunning B-king, the Inazuma unfortunately never looked anywhere close to the famous big brother of its.  The 250cc engine was also not the most powerful one around for it produced only about 26bhp and 22Nm of torque, combined to a bike that weighed 183 kgs, the pricing seemed to steep for it. However, ride one and you will instantly know, that it was one of the most relaxed and comfortable engine to live with, and then when the price drop came about meaning the Inazuma started selling at 2.31 lakhs Ex-Showroom Delhi, the bike suddenly started to make a lot of sense. The price reduction meant that Inazuma became the cheapest twin cylinder machine on sale in India.

However, back in November 2014 after seeing a dreadful sales figure for their quarter liter offering, Suzuki took the Inazuma out of their Official Indian website and around December 2014 it was reported that the company will discontinue it in India and it will be on sale only till March 31st, 2015. Getting discontinued within a year of launch meant that Inazuma became one of the shortest living on sale models of the country.

However, it was interesting to note that around the same time Inazuma had started catching up in the demand side. Then there wer also reported that said Suzuki may re-launch Inazuma or probably its faired siblings the GW250S or the GSR 250F. Much to our sadness, the highly capable yet miss placed Inazuma was indeed discontinued and there are no plans to bring it back to India anytime soon my Suzuki. Maybe it was because of the fact that Suzuki could sell only 78 units of Inazuma in FY 2013-14 and 154 units last financial year which adds up to a total of 232 units in all and hence the story of Inazuma in India was done and dusted.


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