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Government looking forward to introduce special licensing system for high capacity motorcycles

Snapshot: Planning to buy a superbike or currently riding one? You might need a special license for that. Read on.

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Indian roads are considered to be one of the most dangerous roads to drive on. If last year’s numbers are taken into account, out of 4.87 lakh accidents 27 per cent were two wheelers. In some of the European countries, there is A1 and A2 licensing system for riders restricting them to ride only a certain category of motorcycles. Seeing a surge in the number of accidents involving superbikes on Indian roads, the government is contemplating over introducing something similar in the country.

Currently there are only two license categories for two-wheelers in India, one that lets ride a two-wheeler with gear and other without gear. According to a report on Deccan Herald, riders opting for motorcycles above 500cc will need to hold a special license to ride. This license will only be given after a professional training to handle the high capacity machines followed by series of tests to judge the capability of a rider. Apart from that, the government also has plans to make ABS mandatory by 2017 on all the two wheelers on Indian roads. Share your views with us in the comment section below.