Harley Davidson India conquers the mystic and happy Bhutan

Harley Davidson India conquers the mystic and happy Bhutan

Snapshot: The first ever group of Harley Davidson riders from India to ride abroad comprised of 60 riders from 6 chapters of H.O.G., and travelled over 1,500 kms between 24th and 29th of May

It is a feeling that almost all of us want to achieve. To be the 'Nation's first' in some way. Well, almost 60 riders from India that belong to different chapters of Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) were the first riders to ride their Harley Davidsons outside India when they rode from Siliguri to Bhutan this May. The ride was hosted by Bengal Harley Davidson. Some of the true-blue riders actually rode to Siliguri instead of shipping their motorcycles making their journey cover 3,500 kms.

The Harley Owners Group worldwide is a synonym for the true spirit of brotherhood and camaraderie. H.O.G. rides are conducted very often for the customers to meet, ride, experience the lifestyle, adventure, self-expression, and the urge to embrace the freedom of open roads. And what better place could be thought of than Bhutan for this ride of a lifetime! Wide open roads, mystic surroundings, impressive road sense, and a special respect for nature and the surroundings make Bhutan one of the places that have the potential to transform you in ways that otherwise need a divine intervention. 

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on 2014-06-02 12:41:30

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