Harley Davidson launches a smartphone app to connect riders

Harley Davidson launches a smartphone app to connect riders

Snapshot: The application has been launched for iOS and Android platforms and can be used to do things like planning trips, getting directions and sharing photos with other Harley riders.

In an attempt to strengthen the Harley community, the Milwaukee based company has decided to launch a smartphone app which will bring the Harley riders closer. With the Harley Davidson World Ride just round the corner, it is a significant move from Harley to get max out of the time as it will provide a perfect platform to the riders to create and share the content of their rides. This app will also bring alive the feel that Harley Davidson as a brand is known for. As of now, the Harley riders in India just have to rely on the merchandise to feel connected to the brand.

The application will allow the Harley riders to create, share and plan rides, stay connected to their respective H.O.G. chapter, follow events, share experiences, access road side assistance and information on the new products. The app will also navigate the riders on their rides, give information on HD dealers, nearby petrol pumps and cafes, share routes, pictures and more with fellow Harley riders, setting reminders for service updates, P.U.C. certificate and insurance updates and an option to store important information like license number, registration number etc.

On the launch of the application, Mr. Anoop Prakash, Managing Director, Harley Davidson said, “The number of Harley-Davidson owners in India is growing faster than ever. The bond and camaraderie shared between our riders continues to be an essential part of the Harley-Davidson ownership experience. The H-D India smart phone application was developed to enhance the customer experience and take it a step further.”

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on 2014-06-20 12:17:06

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