Harley Davidson Street 500 - Indonesia Launch, HD means serious business!!

Harley Davidson Street 500 - Indonesia Launch, HD means serious business!!

Snapshot: The new leg of Harley-Davidson's competition slaughter begins with the launch of Street 500 at Indonesia!!

When Harley-Davidson set out to manufacture their latest, all new range of Motorcycle's which was designed solely for the developing nations, keeping cost effectiveness in mind while still keeping the iconic legacy of the American company intact, the world knew Harley meant business. The outstanding success of the Street 750 in India and rest of the market it is being sold in, is an example of how clear and correct Harley Davidson was to go for the kill with this model.

However, the competition of Harley-Davidson in the market and price segment had more than one thing to worrry about for it was in for a double attack by Harley-Davidson and Street 750 was just a small part of the equation. The other bike, which was going to be called the Street 500, a younger smaller sibling of the Street 750. It shares almost all the parts from the Street 750 and has a smaller engine. This will make Harley able to price the bike at staggeringly low prices for its standard and yet get enough profit margins to keep the accountants happy.

Now, the revolution has begin. Harley Davidson has launched the Street 500 in Indonesia at a gala ceremony in Jakarta. The bike has a price tag of 219 Indonesian Rupiah which is about 11 lakhs in Indian Rupees. Made in India,it is the cheapest Harley Davidson on offer in the world and is the smaller sibling of Street 750!

With this twin cylinder 500cc motorcycle, the company intends to offer a Harley experience at minimal prices. The Revolution X engine has a peak torque output of 40 Nm at 3,500 rpm and has a claimed fuel efficiency of 27.03 kmpl. Street 500 looks very similar to its elder sibling the Street 750 in design and it is really hard to distinguish between them.

The Street 500, unlike its bigger sibling the Street 750, has a blackened engine (with polished metal fins) and black cast aluminium wheels. It also gets the first all-black exhaust to roll out of a Harley Davidson assembly line in 70 years! The three dimensional tank medallion though looks great in steel. The overall design is well complemented with a LED tail lamp and low seat height to make it look a sizeably bigger motorcycle!

We wait to see the launch of this motorcycle in India soon enough, as the Street 750 has established as a famous model and Harley can go ahead price the Street 500 way below the prices of the Street 750 annihilate competition. Royal Enfield should be worried the most with this model, very worried. 

We Road tested Street 750's beiggest Rival - The Royal Enfield Continental GT!!!

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