Harley set to launch 2 new motorcycles on 30th October

Harley set to launch 2 new motorcycles on 30th October

Snapshot: Harley recently sent an invitation for the new launches on 30th October.

Looks like finally Harley has awakened to the call off competition from the arch rivals Triumph and the Indian motorcycles. Triumph recently launched the Thunderbird LT cruiser in India and so did Indian, their Scout. Amidst all these cruiser launches, the famous Harley was lacking behind, and no news was coming from their end. But, a recently sent invitation for new launches on 30th October, proves the Harley was working on something.

The image sent out as a teaser invitation states 'Black, No Tie' and outlines 2 motorcycles. Going by the look and design of the bike in front, it is clear that the bike is 2015 CVO limited. The second bike in the background is all black and, we guess, it can be a 2015 Breakout, though we are not very sure about the latter one.

The Custom Vehicle Operations or CVO is a specialized division at the Harley-Davidson factory that produces customized models. CVO Limited is the part of the same division, which also produces 3 other customized bikes. Powered by a Twin-Cooled Twin Cam 1,800cc engine, it produces 155Nm of torque at 3,750rpm and comes at a hefty price of $40,000 and will come in India through a CBU route and will be available on order only.

And then the second offering can be the Harley Breakout, a Softail offering of the company. Powered by a Twin Cam 96 engine, a 1690cc V-twin engine that produces 129Nm at 3000rpm, it is expected to come in the CKD units. The CKD will help the Harley, keep the price low for the Breakout, under the range of Rs 20 lakh and will be placed alongside the Fat-Boy.

Harley-Davidson came with high hopes in India and they managed to keep their image intact here. The company received phenomenal response from the bikers of India and they started their own assembling plant in Bawal Haryana. More and more dealers are added to the network and the current launches are also showing that the company intends to bring even the specialized high cost motorcycles to India.

Read about the Triumph LT launch, here.

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on 2014-10-14 11:04:10

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