Harley-Davidson's First Electric Bike 'Live Wire' to cost $50000?

Harley-Davidson's First Electric Bike 'Live Wire' to cost $50000?

Snapshot: IS it really going to cost $50000? We have our doubts!!

Report are going around net that Harley- Davidson may be planning to price their first electric bike attempt the LiveWire at a staggering price tag of $50,000. Many sites have latched onto that $50,000 price announcement, but Harley-Davidson quickly said that no personnel at Harley-Davidson has put a potential price on the LiveWire, if it were to go into mass production.

The price tag does sound to be over ambitious, since Harley-Davidson had very specific routes in mind for the LiveWire, which the bike wouldn’t deviate from during test rides. Thus only needing enough battery to manage those short test rides between charges, Harley-Davidson’s requirements were much lower than what an actual street bike would need to satisfy consumers. Secondly, Harley-Davidson wanted to keep the weight of the LiveWire down, and with batteries being the bulk of the weight on an electric motorcycle, it was an easy corner to cut on, and reduce the overall weight of the prototype.

Since batteries also account for the bulk of the cost on electric motorcycles, the LiveWire prototype would actually be a fairly cheap motorcycle to produce, having only an estimated 7 kWh on-board. Considering the bulk purchasing power that Harley-Davidson has for typical motorcycle components, the Bar & Shield brand could easily ship the LiveWire at prices well below the ones being touted by Zero and Brammo on comparably equipped machines, which already live under the $20,000 MSRP mark.

As for the $50,000 price tag, it would surprise us to see Harley-Davidson ultimately position the LiveWire to that price point, but one quick look at the prototype, and it’s obvious that Harley-Davidson hasn’t built a machine yet that warrants such an outrageous price tag.

However, Harley - Davidson might try to cash in ont he fact that their LiveWire features extensively in the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer and is goin to be the bike Captain America rides and yes, a certain Scarlett Johansson  too.

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