Has Bajaj Auto discontinued the Pulsar 200NS from its line up?

Has Bajaj Auto discontinued the Pulsar 200NS from its line up?

Snapshot: If the reports are true, Bajaj Auto has discontinued the iconic Pulsar NS200 from its line up.

News from our trusted sources has confirmed that the Pune based automaker, Bajaj Auto has silently pulled the plugs off the Pulsar 200NS. We have contacted some of the Bajaj dealers and they have confirmed the news that Pulsar 200NS will no longer retail in India motorcycle line-up. Bajaj Auto launched the Pulsar 200NS after the KTM Duke 200 was introduced in India back in 2012. The Pulsar 200NS changed the way Pulsars were made, it was a technical leap for Bajaj to come up with a motorcycle like the 200NS.

In past few months we have seen Bajaj Auto launching an entire new range of Pulsars including the RS200 and the AS200, based on the iconic Pulsar NS200 of course. It was a direct competitor to KTM’s orange machine (Duke 200), and carried a huge demand in the Indian motorcycle market. Pulsar 200NS was not only good 50K cheaper than the Austrian offering but also offered similar performance figures, at lesser price.

Bajaj Auto will soon be coming up with a big player in the market, we expect the Pune based Automaker to launch the Pulsar CS400 by mid-2016. Though the discontinuation news is not officially confirmed by the automaker and nothing has been said till time. Don’t forget to share your view on the same in the comment section below.  

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