Has Captain America: Civil War trailer teased a new Harley, It Seems!

Has Captain America: Civil War trailer teased a new Harley, It Seems!

Snapshot: Is there a new Harley Davidson machine based on the Street 750 platform coming, the Captain AMerica Civil War trailer seems to suggest it does!


We at Bikeportal are movie freaks, if we aren't riding motorcycles we most probably (benefits of having a great boss, we reckon ;) ) are watching movies. So when the hugely anticipated first trailer of Marvel's Captain America: Civil War that is scheduled to arrive in May, 2016 came out, we are obviously were psyched. Needless to say, a prospect of watching two of Marvel comics biggest superheroes, Captain America and Iron Man go against each other is thrilling beyond words.

And, imagine our surprise when we saw something, a motorcycle, definitely a Harley Davidson (since every Marvel movie features a Harley Davidson) , in the trailer and none of us could figure out which one was it? If you go a wee bit back in time, you would see that recent Marvel Superhero movies has showcased upcoming models of Harley Davidson, such as, the Street 750 was shown in the 2014 Captain America: Winter Soldier while the Harley electric motorcycle, the rather tasty looking LiveWire, which was being ridden by an equally (or more, definitely more) blissfully gorgeous Scarlett Johanson, featured in this year Avengers: Age of Ultron, both the bikes in the respective movies featuring in pivotal and well choreographed chase sequences.

Now, this makes us enthusiastic about the prospect of a new Harley Davidson, as our friends at Motorcycle.com have shared our enthusiasm and captured some screen grabs from the trailer of the mystery bike.

In the scene that appears around the 1 minute mark in the trailer, Bucky Barnes, a.k.a the Winter Soldier, played by Sebastian Stan appears to ride this mystery motorcycle only briefly.  Looking closely, the bike does appear to have dimensions of the Street 750 , however, there are some things that make us think that this bike is different from the Street 750 we have come to know in past year or so. Though, this mystery bike looks resembles the Street 750 in departments like the rear fender, the round instrument cluster and the twin rear shock setup which all are very much like the Street 750. . However, as can be seen in the screen grab (by Motorcycle.com), this bike features LED taillights alongwith sporty looking rear shock absorber units which is painted in Red that seem to have a gas charged suspension design. These gas charged shocks are something that are neither offered on the Street 750 nor are available in the Harley's parts catalogue.  

The bike also seem to have a twin disc assembly at front which differentiates the mystery bike from the Street  750's single disc upfront design. While the fuel filler cap is present exactly where it exists on the Street 750. This could mean that Harley Davidson might just be preparing a sportier performance oriented version of the Street 750, and just like the recent Marvel movies, Harley Davidson is using the movie platform to showcase a new product.

As always time will tell, till then you can watch the trailer of Captain America: Civil War below and get super psyched by the last scene of the trailer just like us....

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