Heartbreaking News - Truck topples while transporting Kawasaki Ninja 250!!!!

Heartbreaking News - Truck topples while transporting Kawasaki Ninja 250!!!!

Snapshot: A truck load of Kawasaki Ninja 250r topples at Indonesia!

We are sorry to report this, we really are. In a heartbreaking incident a truck transporting a truck load of spanking new Kawasaki Ninja 250 toppled destroying almost all the contents in it.

No doubt that you all would have seen a few toppled trucks on highways, trucks transporting stuff like, construction material, garments, and our favourite Alcohol. You would have also seen people jamming up the area in hundreds of numbers and take away the stuff politely (loot, they loot it! and there is nothing polite in that). Now, think of a situation where the toppled transport vehicle had cars, or like in this case Gorgeously green Truckload of brand new Kawasaki Ninja 250's.

The truck carrying these bikes overturned after a series of accidents somewhere at Indonesia. Though the pictures seems to suggest more or less the bikes remained intact, but such an impact would surely have caused some serious damage to the comparatively delicate fiber panels on places like the fairings. The rope seemed to be the hero because of which most of them are unharmed. Reports say that around 6 bikes were stolen from the truck post the accident. If we consider the price of the Ninja 250 as 3.5 lakh INR, around 21 lakh INR worth of bikes were stolen.

Lucky strike for the people who took them or it was downright criminal of them doing that is a thing up for discussion, though we will go with the criminal offence part. 

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on 2014-12-10 04:32:10

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