Hero brings 2014 Xtreme silently at 83691 INR On-Road Mumbai!

Hero brings 2014 Xtreme silently at 83691 INR On-Road Mumbai!

Snapshot: Hero Silently launches Xtreme Sports!

Hero created the Power bikes fade in the country all those years ago with the CBZ, back in the times when it was called Hero Honda. However, we can also say that with the launch of the Pulsars from Bajaj Auto, the crown shifted heads and has remained with the pulsars since then. Hero never really could break up the segment like it has ruled the commuter segment, largely owing to lack of continuous upgrades to the model line up like Bajaj managed fabulously well.

Fast forward to 2014 AutoExpo, Hero showed another variant of the Xtreme. We all were waiting for this bike to launch and finally it has arrived silently at a interesting price of 83691 INR Mumbai for the front and rear disc variant, while the front disc only variant costs 80243 on-road Mumbai.

The new Xtreme Sports will carry the same 149.2cc single-cylinder air-cooled motor from the current Xtreme but the power has been bumped up to 15.2 bhp, in comparison to the 14.2hp of the current Xtreme. The torque figure remains the same at 12.8 Nm. The new Hero Xtreme Sports now gets a newer set graphics, a set of ‘Sports’ logos on the fuel tank extensions, a split seat, an under body cowl, a new sporty instrument console and a revised exhaust canister. The fairing and head-lamp receives a minor update as well, with a set of LED pilot lamps completing the show.

The bike, no doubt looks better than the new Xtreme refresh which was launched a few months back. First up, it has a more sorted front face and simpler instrument console, much better looking than the extremely jazzy one featured on the regular Xtreme. The new Sports look good and there will at least be three colors on offer – white, red and black. 

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on 2014-11-24 04:32:43

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