Hero files patent for EBR 250 in Europe

Hero files patent for EBR 250 in Europe

Snapshot: Hero filed the patent for the EBR 250 for the European markets.

Last few days have been very productive for the Hero MotoCorp and as we reported earlier, they are making hard efforts to make their global presence felt. After the recent filings for the patent of 7 motorcycles in U.S, Hero has recently filed a patent for their EBR 250 or HX250R as it is popularly known in some markets, in the Europe.

The interesting aspect is, while they chose to offer 7 motorcycles in the wild west, they have only considered a single motorcycle worthy of launching the European markets. The reasons could be linked to the high safety norms and design philosophy, Europeans thrive to achieve. Hero filed patents in two phases in U.S in format of 4+3, but will they follow the same approach for the Europe, is still a question.

EBR 250 is a brilliant product in terms of technology and design, to say the least and the credit goes to none other than legendary Eric Buell. Hero MotoCorp teamed up with the Erik Buell Racing (EBR) to create the 250cc machine which will go on sale in India in 2015. Hero purchased a 50% stake of the EBR in 2013 and soon after the January 2014, they opened their first European office in the Netherlands, meaning the HX250R could reach these shores.

The HX250R will have a revised engine producing 31 PS and 26 Nm of torque, which is equivalent to the Honda’s CBR 300R making 30 PS and 27 Nm of torque. Hero has not announced the price for the latest model as yet and no official dates have been revealed for the launch also, both in the European and the Indian markets.

It will be interesting to see how the Honda will take the likes of KTM's and Honda's, when they have already harbored their presence in the Indian markets for long. While KTM has performed blazingly well in the Indian markets, Honda lacked behind somewhere in terms of sales, but the CBR250 is a very reliable product and still commands respect from the buyers. 

Read about the Hero's patent in the U.S markets, here.

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on 2014-10-18 04:13:07

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