Hero Glamour on verge of catching the segment king Honda CB Shine in volume!

Hero Glamour on verge of catching the segment king Honda CB Shine in volume!

Snapshot: It is the battle of Giants that is brewing in the 125cc segment.......

Hero's 125cc offering is inching closure to claim head of the segment leader and the world's best selling 125cc motorcycle, the Honda CB Shine. Hero sold 61,221 Glamour motorcycle's against the Honda's SCB Shine which clocked a total sales of 63,695 units claiming its crown but only by a whisker.

It has been interesting story to witness, the Hero and Honda's locked horns to get the better of their ex's. Ever since, the hugely successful partnership that was Hero Honda ended early in this decade, the world has shown keen interest in the events that has followed after Honda decided to go solo in India. We all are aware that the sole target of Honda is to become the biggest player in two wheeler industry of India, and it is hell bent on achieving it. With a slew of launches in the 100-110cc commuter segment in last couple of years, Honda has made its intention clear of hitting it big into the heart of Hero Motocorp's bread and butter segment.

However, it is still a long way down the road before Honda can match with Hero Motocorp's sheer dominance, since last FY Hero sold a whopping more than 48 lakh units in the 100-110cc compared to which Honda's sales in the concerned segment for the same time duration stood at 6 lakh units. That is a gigantic gap to fill, even for a company as mighty as Honda. However, if you see the rate of growth at which Honda is increasing its market share in the segment, coming years promise to be thrilling for the fans of number crunching. Add to it the fact that the growth rate of this segment has more or less stagnated/slowed in past years, which means the fight for dominance in Indian two wheeler market among Honda and Hero will spread to other segments also.

The 125cc segment is the segment where Honda has always had a clear cut lead from its competition. The old horse of Honda stable, the CB Shine have been cruising efficiently racking in huge volumes for the Japanese company and proving why it is the most sought after 125cc motorcycle on the planet. But what is a story without some thrill thrown into it? Hero now it seems is returning the favour to Honda's challenge to the segment it owns by punching some nifty blows to the Honda's king of the segment in 125cc segment.

The hero Glamour has been ever inching closure to the sales figure of CB Shine month on month now and it has come to a point where there is only a whisker of a gap left between the two. The dominace of these two motorcycles in the segment is so much that the rest of the offerings in the 125cc segment can only claim 'also played' certificate at best. The third best selling 125cc model, the Bajaj Discover sold 14,776 units for the same time while TVS Phoenix, Yamaha SS125, Hero Ignitor and the Suzuki Slingshot plus could only manage 7340, 7202, 900, and 84 units during the same time period respectively.

It is to be noted that both, the Honda CB Shine and the Hero Glamour are essentially lock stock and barrel similar in terms of mechanicals and both offer exceptional value for money and brand recognition to customers. Honda, knows that the threat is real and is evidently working on a update to the CB Shine that it reviewed at the RevFest recently. A model refresh/facelift will give a boost to Shine's sales numbers which are need to keep its crown. It will also be worth noting that Hero is working on its own engines that should arrive for the first time on the new Glamour, and it will be interesting to know if Hero manages to keep the same level of refinement, efficiency and comfort as the Honda sourced engines currently in use throughout its range.

As they say, Only time will tell! and for sure the usually performance and aesthetically dull segments might just present one of the most thrilling battles between two behemoths of motorcycle industry, the stupendously cash rich Hero Motocorp and the gigantic Honda.....

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