Hero MotoCorp - Motorcycle with Magneti Marelli FI coming in 2015!

Hero MotoCorp  - Motorcycle with Magneti Marelli FI coming in 2015!

Snapshot: Italian Electronics giant bringing affordable FI!!

Magneti Marelli, a mobility solutions provider subsidiary of the FIAT Group is a huge name when it comes to electronics for automobile industry throughout the world. If you are an avis follower of Moto GP like us, you will be quite aware of Magneti Marelli's association with Ducati in premier class racing championship. With, the stock electronics package being mandatory for Moto GP from 2015 onwards, Dorna, the wholesale authority of Moto GP championship has taken the help of none other than Magnetti Marelli to develop and provide the much needed level playing field and decrease in expenses for racing at the highest level of Motorcycle Sport.

Mr. Saju Mookken, Managing Director and Country Manager, Magneti Marelli India in an interview with ET Auto talked about the expansion plans of Magnetti Marelli in India and revealed that they are going to bring affordable Fuel Injection technology for two - wheelers in India.

It was him who told the press that the first motorcycle to come up with their affordable FI package will be a Hero MotoCorp product and it will be ready by 2015. Though he refrained himself from divulging any more details regarding the same. 

Hero Motocorp has showcased products like the HX 250 R and the Hastur at the Auto Expo in January 2014. We believe that these products might be the first ones to get this FI initially.  

The Fuel Injection technology has been a main stay in the designing and marketing of two - wheelers around the world since years but it has sadly failed to make an impact on the Indian market due to high pricing it adds on to the final product making it a niche technology for us here. The benefits of the Fuel Injection technology, though, are extremely important to a market as complex as ours with customers asking everything possible from their motorcycles and scooters. 

With an affordable market-specific alternative in place, more manufacturers in India will be willing to upgrade their powertrain with a FI system since it offers proven improvements on the efficiency front. The Italian company will be facing fierce competition with Bosch which has also announced its intention to introduce affordable engine management systems in the Indian two wheeler segment. This would mean, even more competitive pricing giving the Indian consumers a much needed upgrade in technology.

Hero Innaugurates a few Factory at Rajathan!

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