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Hero MotoCorp Decides Not To Participate in Auto Expo 2020, Details Inside

Hero MotoCorp Decides Not To Participate in Auto Expo 2020, Details Inside

Snapshot: Hero MotoCorp cites preparation for the move to BS Vl as the reason for it skipping the Auto Expo 2020.

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  • Hero withdraws participation from the Auto Expo 2020.
  • Auto Expo is held in February every two years.
  • Hero claims Expo dates too close to the April deadline for migration to BS Vl.

Hero MotoCorp has announced that it will not be participating in the Auto Expo 2020. This is big news because India’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer has typically been a big participant in the country’s biggest auto show, and usually has an announcement to make, with a display that showcases a new concept or technology.

The manufacturer has stated that the move to the BS Vl emission norms is what takes priority for it at this point in time, and since the market is sluggish, it would rather focus on that.

The move to BS Vl will affect Hero more so than other manufacturers since Hero makes most of its money off bread and butter 100cc models, which will have the toughest task of all when they switch to the new emission norms.

The price will go up significantly since there are newfangled electronics with fuel injection that will need to be installed. There’s also the fact that their products are usually the ones used in rural markets, where fuel quality is suspect – and for which the FI systems will have to account for.

At the same time, they’ll have to attempt to not lose performance, since they’re already small capacity motorcycles. All of this on the surface appears to be a Herculean task for the humble 100cc motorcycle.

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There’s also the matter of Hero not having something in the pipeline for the immediate future – the XF3R hasn’t moved beyond the patent stage, and the Leap Hybrid scooter hasn’t seen much action since its concept form was displayed in 2014.

The Auto Expo 2020 will be held from 7-12 February 2020 in the capital city.

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