Hesketh Plans to bring the Bugatti level bling to Motorcycles

Hesketh Plans to bring the Bugatti level bling to Motorcycles

Snapshot: A legendary Company...One Epic name and a stunning $ 35000 motorcycle...

Hesketh, the legendary British Formula One constructor company known  for building Formula 3 cars back around the 70's, a company owned by a certain Lord Hesketh, an eccentric nobleman who believed in racing with an intention to have as much as fun on track as they could and then off track too.  Hesketh team though did not win a lot of races but were known for the extravagant parties they threw after every race never minding the results. Then there is the legend of a certain racer by the name of James Hunt, who has been immortalise in the Formula 1 stats and more recently in the Hollywood movie based on what probably was the greatest year of Formula 1 racing the world has ever seen, the season of 1976.

Hesketh, in 1975 with Hunt’s talent, moved up to the big league, competing in F1 and even racked in some impressive wins against much larger and more focused rivals, notably against Niki Lauda’s brilliant Ferrari in the semi-wet Dutch Grand Prix of 1975. Later that year, however, Lord Hesketh abruptly announced that he could no longer afford trying to produce the next British World Champion, having raced without sponsorship, and ended the team. Hunt was offered the lead drive at McLaren and went on to become the legend he is today, while Hesketh quietly rolled over and slowly breathed its last.

The name of Hesketh, like a lot many incredible stories from the world of Automobiles was never lost. It certainly did not vanish from the memory of Mr. Paul Sleeman, an entrepreneur and a motorcycle enthusiast. Sleeman said that he bought the name for “less than £200,000” from retiring custodian Mick Broom in 2010 and set about to build the firm’s first motorcycle, the 24, the name of the bike being an ode to the racing number of James Hunt. To date, he has spent £1m on rejuvenating the brand and creating the new motorcycle, and it finally saw the light of the day at last year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed. The bike created enough attention towards itself to find 16 well heeled enthusiast, that said, it is a no brainer that the 24 has a production of of '24'units.

With this success in bag and a bit of money too, Sleeman and his team of total 6 men have bigger plans, and as he told The Telegraph recently "the '24' was like an Aston Martin. We are now working on a Bugatti Veyron". We say that is one incredible ambition and God Bless the souls of the Men and their Passion!!!!

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