Hold on to your Heart - Benelli has teased a Legends Return - A Scrambler we ask?

Hold on to your Heart - Benelli has teased a Legends Return - A Scrambler we ask?

Snapshot: Oh Boy!! the 2015 EICMA build up is getting hotter every passing day - Now Benelli joins the fun!!!!

Hold on to your hearts and Yes, to your wallets too! For Benelli has just released a teaser quoting 'A Legend Returns' with a rather dark image of what seems to be an all new model in a concept form. Now closer home Benelli with its tie up with DSK Motowheels has been growing rather rapidly in the premium/niche Indian motorcycle market, however, globally the brand has been more or less sent to the back burner in the hearts and the wish lists of probable customers, mainly due to a lack of new model development and the stature of its more versatile and cash rich counterparts from Italy.

Still, no one can deny the absolute nostalgia and racing heritage the iconic brand possess and there is another tiny little fact that Benelli has got (still) one of the most stunning piece of motorcycle designs in its portfolio, the incredibly lustrous Benelli TNT899 and TNT R. However, Benelli needs products to match its competitors if it has to survive in the highly contested segments and it also has to garner confidence from these markets as well after years of no business.

Now, the Benelli and its Chinese owner, the Qianjiang Group after a few years of difficult times and loss of market shares have gone from exotic sexiness to a more practical mass products such as the TNT300 and the upcoming TNT25, thus leaving little to the true blue enthusiast. That said, the more than decade old original TNT twins still exist and are probably the last of the old school no technical wizardry filled brutal mad awesome bikes of the planet and then there are the new inline 4 600 twins in the form of BN600i and the BN600GT (the TNT600i and the TNT600GT for Indian market) doing the duty for the age old Italian company in the middle weight tourer segment.

Now Benelli seems to be preparing to get its mojo back n the global scheme of things and has just released a teaser image of a bike that will be revealed at the 2015 EICMA. Though the picture doesn't give out much of the details of the bike, but we borrowed some really sharp set of eyes to help decipher what could actually be underneath the almost all black image, and we believe there is a modern day scrambler or and off-road/adventure bike under development at Benelli. Also, the bike seems to feature spoked wheels complete with fairly knobby tires.

Also, the Italian-born brand has quoted the released teaser with a message “The Legend is back…”. Now it is not sure if the 'Legend' moniker is for some old legendary Benelli model being resurrected or is it about the company itself getting a makeover and going back to its root of making exhilarating motorcycles that are sporty and utterly utterly sexy. With Benelli already declaring its intentions to start US market operations back again, a new model on this regard would be a perfect add on to create a hype for the brand.

Also, since the arrival and the enormous success of the Ducati Scrambler range, the old retro -road/easy to use era of the motorcycles is back and on the same front a Benelli Scrambler model seems to be the perfect step to capture the hearts, minds and the bank accounts of the motorcyclists around the world. With EICMA 2015 just round the corner, it is going to be some really interesting days for the event build up.


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