Honda Imports upcoming CBR150R in India

Honda Imports upcoming CBR150R in India

Snapshot: The upcoming update to entry level CBR series imported by Honda

The premium segment market of the motorcycles is rapidly growing in the country, with the motorcycles priced between 1 lakh to 3 lakhs ex showroom showing the highest growth. Honda has two of its offerings in this segment the CBR250R and the CBR150R. We are well aware that the quarter liter Honda will see a CC jump and we will be getting the CBR300R in India soon. However, before that Honda seems to be inclined to give the CBR150R a makeover and for the same it has imported, according to Indian import and export data website Zauba, one unit of the updated CBR150R into the country.

The new bike gets inspired by the bigger CBR's and feature a dual light assembly this time round along with a new design for the exhaust. The new bike also gets a Truss frame and pro- link suspension which are borrowed from its bigger siblings. The Bike features the old 149.4cc engine but now has a new cylinder head and a new muffler while the ECU has also been remapped.

All this makes the new CBR150R produce 17.1 PS of power, 0.7 PS lesser than the old motorcycle. The torque output, however, has gone up from 12.6 Nm to 13 Nm. The engine is mated to a six-speed gearbox and the top speed is a claimed 131 km/h. However, it remains to be seen if the customers will be willing to buy this bike against the Yamaha R15 or the RC200. While Honda needs to be fairly worried about the pricing of the very soon to be launched Pulsar 200SS.

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on 2015-01-28 12:23:21

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