Honda RC213V-S restricted to just 70 BHP for Japan

Honda RC213V-S restricted to just 70 BHP for Japan

Snapshot: Being one of the most costliest motorcycles, RC213V-S is still restricted to deperssing 70 bhp for the Japanese motorcycle market

Honda launched RC213V-S Street-legal MotoGP replica few days ago at a whopping price of INR 1.18 crore and is scheduled to go on sale later this year for the European, Australian and US market. Honda is claiming weight of the RC213V-S scales at 170kg dry weight (188kg wet in Europe, 190kg wet in the USA). For the more track centric riders, the ‘sport kit’ offered by Honda makes sure that the RC213V-S becomes even closer spec to the racing machines. A new ECU, revised ram-air tubes, and prototype grade a racing exhaust system is included in the ‘sport kit’.

The use of this kit this drops the dry weight to 165kg (177kg wet), however, the availability of this sport kit will vary globally as US market is not going to receive it. The US market spec Honda RC213V-S is tuned for a strangely low 101hp @8,000 rpm and 89Nm of torque. Further towards Europe and Australia, the RC213V-S is powered at 157hp at the 11,000 rpm, but with the sports kit installed, that figure will get hiked to over 210hp at 13,000 rpm. Peak torque is set at 101 Nm @10,500 rpm, while the sports kit lifting that figure to over 117Nm. Apart from these US and European markets, RC213V-S is heavily detuned for the Japan. It is restricted to just 70 HP of power and being one of the most costly motorcycles present on earth, 70 HP is way too less for such a machine we think.

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on 2015-06-30 12:21:29

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