Honda to equip the new CB Shine with ESP Stop-Start Technology

Honda to equip the new CB Shine with ESP Stop-Start Technology

Snapshot: Now the new CB Shine will be equipped with ESP Stop-Start Technology which will result in boost performance figures and better fuel economy figures

While every other bike manufacturer is launching a new motorcycle to stay competitive in the market, Honda is holding back for now and concentrating more on the scooter market. The latest when Honda launched or upgraded any of their products was back in February this year, when Honda upgraded their Shine DX bike with new visuals and combi brakes. Honda will also add a new technical feature called Stop-Start Technology which will not only boost performance figures but will also help in improving fuel-economy figures.

The Honda’s Enhanced Start Stop ESP technology is like Hero’s Splendor ismart i3S (Idle Stop-Start System), which shuts the engine when idling and turns it on when you want to move ahead. The Japanese manufacturer is thinking to upgrade its lineup with the ESP technology, while in motorcycle lineup CB Shine will be the first bike to get ESP and in scooters Aviator will be first equipped with the Enhanced Start Stop Technology. Honda last updated the Shine series in February when the Shine DX was launched which had combi brakes and changed visuals, while the upcoming  CB Shine would be known as Shine SP where SP stands for smart power. The new Shine SP will contain the same 125cc engine that produces 10.6 PS of power and 10.54 Nm of torque. 

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on 2015-05-04 12:55:56

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