Honda transplants RC213V's heart into a car called Honda Project 2&4!

Honda transplants RC213V's heart into a car called Honda Project 2&4!

Snapshot: Honda's race car concept powered by the engine from the RC213V to debut at Frankfurt Motor Show this September...

Bikeportal is a team of motorcycle lovers and if you have been with us for some time now, you will know our penchant to talk about each and everything that is related to motorcycles, motorcycling and motorcycle sports. So, when we decide to write about a car on our portal, then fret not friends, there is a reason behind it and our love for motorcycles is not diminishing, that is something that will never ever happen.

So what is the deal with this car then, you might ask? come this year's Frankfurt Motor Show, which is just around the corner, Honda is said to unveil a car that promises to be a light, spirited, futuristic car, and here is the fun part that has caught our eye and frankly our desires is that, this car, which is being called Honda Project 2&4, will be powered by none other than the incredible Honda MotoGP Machine, the RC213V's engine.

The RC213V has a V4 1000cc,  and said to produce upwards of 270bhp, the engine designed by utilizing the most advanced of the technologies and the hand build engines are probably the most tech laden things that has ever raced in the world. With outstanding technologies like the pneumatic valve actuation, a seamless gearbox that makes the use of a clutch for up shifts and downshifts almost insignificant. That combined with an engine architecture that consists of most advanced of metallurgy providing incredible rigidity and heat containing capacity while still being exceptionally light.

The Honda Project 2&4 has been designed and conceived at the Honda motorcycle design centre at Asaka, Japan which worked in conjuction with Honda's automobile design centre at Wako, Japan. Honda calles the project as a concept born out of Honda's “creative craftsmanship”.  Looking closely at the pictures, we recj=kon the Porject 2&4 is an open wheeled racer car, which relates to the fact that a number of race car kits offer engines that are used in motorcycles.

Honda is said to have given the 2&4 a cabin-less structure, which enables the Honda project to have the freedom of a motorcycle and the manoeuvrability of a car.

You can visit our sister website for more news regarding the Frankfurt auto show and let us tell you, the lads at Autoportal bring some nifty stuff to read and review there...

As always, ride safe!


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