Honda wants to create a 'Goodness Cult' and they want your help

Honda wants to create a 'Goodness Cult' and they want your help

Snapshot: We say it is a sweet initiative from Honda....

Honda has just launched the CB Unicorn 160 in India, by just we mean back in December 2014. In order to present its new offering different than the tough competition, in a segment which has historically been tough for Honda to crack in India, Honda has started what it calls a 'Goodness Cult'.


Here is what the Goodness Cult stands for:

  • Honda will create a virtual world that is full of people who are the embodiment of goodness that is two-fold.
  • This Cult is about goodness that is inside and outside, people who stand out both for their good looks and their good heart.
  • Users will nominate people around them who are either 1. Good looking, or people who are 2. Good at heart or both.
  • The good looking nominated people will reside on the looks section of the bike, while the people nominated for their good deeds will reside on the performance section (is good) of the bike. Further relating to features of the Motorcycle.
  • Person with the maximum nomination will win the Motorcycle while the top 10 nominations will receive Honda merchandise.
  • Honda sets the wheel of goodness in motion and attempt to create a universe of people who “Looks Good and are Good” highlighting the CB Unicorn 160 features.
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