Husqvarna hits best ever sales year in 2014, KTM spins its Magic into the Brand

Husqvarna hits best ever sales year in 2014, KTM spins its Magic into the Brand

Snapshot: Husqvarna starts to gather momentum under KTM's ownership!!

Husqvarna has had its share of highs and lows through its history. From the company which was at the forefront of bringing the dual sport motocross bikes to life, to a company which lost its way and went to the claws of financial crisis. However, good times seem to be coming back to the Swedish brand as it has sold the highest number of motorcycles for a year in 2014. The tally is indeed the best in the 111 year history of the brand.

One year after being taken over by KTM from BMW Motorrad, Husqvarna sold 16,337 bikes in 2014, proving KTM was smart in making the deal to buy the ailing motocross bike manufacturer. Husqvarna also posted over €100 million in revenue, a key metric for the brand, as it struggles to grow into KTM’s more exclusive and upscale counterpart. Comparing it to Husqvarna recent history where Husqvarna sold 10,700 units in 2012, the last full-year where Husqvarna was under the BMW Motorrad umbrella. This means that in a two-year time span at KTM, Husqvarna has seen 50% sales growth.

Husqvarna saw this growth mostly in its enduro competition segment, with roughly 6,000 Husqvarna motocross bikes being sold worldwide in 2014 alone. While that growth rate is impressive, the Swedish brand is far from being self-supporting. Thankfully, we can expect those numbers to grow, as Husqvarna models become more than rebadged KTMs, and the brand pushes into the on-road segment in earnest.


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