Husqvarna to give the stylish Vitpilen 401 a younger 125cc Sibling!

Husqvarna to give the stylish Vitpilen 401 a younger 125cc Sibling!

Snapshot: The stunning, gorgeous Husqvarna 401 is getting a 125cc younger brother...KTM bring Husqy to India, will you.....

Ever since Husqvarna was acquired by the Austrian motorcycle manufacturing powerhouse, KTM, it has seen good growth and has also resulted in the Swedish brand getting some new model development to offer for the customer and thus keeping the accountants happy. Now that finally it has been cleared that Husqvarna will indeed be manufacturing the stunning Vitpilen 401 and should be coming to the market as a 2017 model. Now, not coming as a surprise, Husqy has also said that it will be making a 125cc version of the Vitpilen that will be targeted towards the A1 licence holder customers at EU.

This should be comparatively easier for Husqy to have a smaller 125cc variant, since, just like the Vitpilen 401 which is based on the KTM Duke 390, the Vitpilen can find many similarities and favours from the Duke 125. Saying that, if and when KTM decides in favour of bringing Husqy to South Asian market, there might also be a Vitpilen 200 just like the Duke 200.

Over the years, such going down the entry points is considered to be beneficial for the companies as a large part of the customers going for entry level products would mean a high probability of customers progressing with the same brand to higher bigger and more profitable models. This should make Husqy's rather aggressive target of becoming Europe's third largest motorcycle manufacturer. This would be possible only when Husqy has a portfolio that consists of a line of street bikes, something that should be coming since the 401 and the 701 have already been declared. 

In coming times it will be an interesting thing to see how the parent company KTM lets Husqvarna evolve into a different individual brand and products like the 401 and 701 are giving us the first glimpses of what the future holds. 

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on 2015-11-25 11:33:33

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