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Ian Hutchinson scores Hat-Trick Victories at the Isle of Man TT on Wednesday

Ian Hutchinson scores Hat-Trick Victories at the Isle of Man TT on Wednesday

Snapshot: Ian Hutchison scores remarkable triple win at Isle of Man TT race yesterday

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English rider Ian Hutchinson just scored triple successive victories at the Isle of Man TT yesterday. On Monday Ian was declared victorious in the Monster Energy Supersport Race 1 followed by two more wins on Tuesday and Wednesday in RL360 Superstock race and Monster Energy Supersport Race 2 respectively.

Ian’s victory is the result of his dedicated hard work he did over the course of 5 years after his deadly crash at the British Supersport in 2010. Due to the leg injuries from the crash Ian had to go through 30-surgical-procedures to repair the compound fractures of the tibia and fibula of his right leg.  Ian worked incredible hard, day and night to achieve back his winning form. 

Monster Energy Supersport Race 1 results:
1. Ian Hutchinson (Yamaha) 1:12:10.872
2. Bruce Anstey (Honda) 1:12:18.595
3. Gary Johnston (Yamaha) 1:12:35.811
4. Lee Johnston (Triumph) 1:12:48.591
5. Guy Martin (Triumph) 1:12:58.110
6. James Hillier (Kawasaki) 1:13:24.531
7. John McGuinness (Honda) 1:13:29.156
8. Conor Cummins (Honda) 1:13:51.604
9. Dan Kneen (Honda) 1:14:12.448
10. Michael Rutter (Kawasaki) 1:14:22.389

RL360 Superstock race results:
1. Ian Hutchinson (Kawasaki) 1:10:05.298
2. Michael Dunlop (BMW) 1:10:22.437
3. Lee Johnston (BMW) 1:10:30.667
4. James Hillier (Kawasaki) 1:10:30.947
5. Peter Hickman (BMW) 1:10:50.444
6. David Johnson (BMW) 1:11:00.805
7. Guy Martin (BMW) 1:11:10.217
8. John McGuinness (Honda) 1:11:35.129
9. Bruce Anstey (Honda) 1:11:47.731
10. Conor Cummins (Honda) 1:11:50.172

Monster Energy Supersport Race 2 results:

1. Ian Hutchinson (Yamaha) 1:11:58.750
2. Bruce Anstey (Honda) 1:12:13.570
3. Guy Martin (Triumph) 1:12:30.775
4. James Hillier (Kawasaki) 1:12:39.835
5. Gary Johnson (Yamaha) 1:12:53.400
6. Lee Johnston (Triumph) 1:13:07.207
7. Conor Cummins (Honda) 1:13:27.145
8. John McGuinness (Honda) 1:13:27.187
9. Dan Kneen (Honda) 1:13:29.162
10. David Johnson (Triumph) 1:13:31.628