Ice Frozen Victory Motorcycle brought back to life after 4 years

Ice Frozen Victory Motorcycle brought back to life after 4 years

Snapshot: Just one hour of work brought the ice frozen Victory V92 TC motorcycle back to life

You would be amazed to know that this motorcycle was frozen 4 years back at the Swedish Ice Hotel to celebrate the purchase of a 15 strong fleet of Victory motorcycles. After freezing it in the huge block of ice, the bike was later showcased at the Motorcycle Show in Sweden 2011. Originally this bike has had a quite harsh past; actually it was a ‘shaker’ bike at the research & development facility at Polaris in the USA.

Niklas Frisk, of Victory, has overseen the re-birth of the ‘Ice Bike’ and said: “The bike started without any big hassle after four years in ice.”

This motorcycle is a legend in itself as it has cloaked almost 300,000 kms in its entire lifetime and after that the bike was sent in to the mechanics in Europe so that they could learn how to repair that means the engine of this motorcycles has been reassembled couple of hundred times at least. Ever after going through so much torture the bike was able to be brought back to life after just an hour of service. Few things that were changed on this motorcycle included the battery pack, new fuel, and new engine oil that are the basics of any motorcycle servicing.

The owner of Stonehouse Custom, Andreas Sedin, said: “To torture a bike like this and it still works after being in ice and water for so long, is really amazing.”

See the Video down below to see the rebirth of a legend..

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