Indian Two-Wheelers to have Mandatory Auto-Headlamps by 2017

Indian Two-Wheelers to have Mandatory Auto-Headlamps by 2017

Snapshot: Apart from auto-headlamps, Indian two-wheelers will feature mandatory ABS in coming few years.!!

Indian roads has been probably one of the most dangerous roads around the world. We are happy that the road transport ministry has finally made some solid plans to change the scene and make the roads safer in the coming time. Like we reported earlier, Indian road transport ministry has made it mandatory for all the vehicles (above 125cc) to be equipped with ABS from 2017, and now ministry has announced that by 2017 it will be mandatory for all the two-wheelers to have auto-headlamps.

This feature turns on the headlamps automatically when the engine is switched on and even if desired, lights cannot be turned off until the motorcycle is in on state. This will increase the visibility of motorcycles on road and so will help reducing the number of accidents. The road transport ministry has already discussed the plans with auto-industry manufacturers and agreement has been made to include this safety feature in motorcycles and scooters by 2017.

Apart from this, it is also planned to equip two-wheelers with an additional sound device that will automatically turn on in case of an accident and will alarm people nearby the site of crash. Tell us what do you think about it in the comment section below.

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on 2015-10-20 04:45:46

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