India's electric vehicle industry records 37.5 per cent growth in FY 2015-2016

India's electric vehicle industry records 37.5 per cent growth in FY 2015-2016

Snapshot: The Indian electric vehicle industry sold 22,000 units in total out of which 20,000 units were two-wheelers.

Well we can’t ignore the fact that the world is pacing towards an oblivious end of vitally important naturally resources. These resources which can never be renewed and burning these resources is causing a great threat to the life on earth. The only answer to this is green energy, electric vehicles that will someday replace the gas fuelled vehicles (but that will take quite a lot of time).

Delhi’s rising pollution status alarmed authorities and forced them to enforce ban on many diesel vehicles. While the debate is still on and now the government understands the important of electric vehicles and also thanks to reduced taxes via FAME (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of electric vehicles), there has been a significant growth in the industry of electric vehicles in India. This industry witnessed a 37.5 per cent growth in the last fiscal year of 2015-2016. A total of 22,000 units of electric vehicles were sold in the last fiscal year and in which two-wheelers contributed to 20,000 units.

“SMEV has developed a technology for charging station and can easily set-up 1000 charging station across the city in a span of 3 months. One charging station costs around INR 30,000 which is very minimal to create an efficient charging infrastructure for EVs. The only thing we need is the government’s intention and support to create a wide and accessible network of charging stations at every convenient point - be it our local market or city roads. Additionally, the govt. should provide ease of credit at zero per cent or very low rate of interest on EVs. This will go a long way in ensuring the fulfilment of NEMMP 2020 target,” said Sohinder Gill, director, corporate affairs, SMEV.

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