Is Bajaj planning to launch a 150cc Avenger soon?

Is Bajaj planning to launch a 150cc Avenger soon?

Snapshot: WOuld a small 150cc Avenger make sense to the market? Bajaj seems to say yes....

After a series of spy shots showing of the final production ready versions of the upcoming upgrade to the Bajaj Avenger in the form of the Street and the Cruise variants, a report by Autocar is said to have disclosed about the existence of an Avenger with an 150cc power plant, and it is going to be launched by the end of October, 2015.

The new Avenger 220 bikes were rumoured to be  unveiled in early October, however this was not the case and Bajaj has not revealed any launch dates as such. With no technical and other details available at this point from Bajaj, it is not known, how Bajaj is going to promote and place the 150cc Avenger. However, it would be safe to assume that the 149cc unit from the Pulsar 150Dts-i will do the duty on the smaller Avenger. On the mighty successful Pulsar 150 Dts-i the power figures come out to be 15.06 PS of power and 12.5Nm of torque and these should remain same for the baby Avenger too.

With no competition for the 150cc Avenger in the market currently it would be a first mover advantage for Bajaj in the segment, However, UM is coming thick and fast to gun down the competition and the create new segments, and it would be a smart move by Bajaj to have a product early in the segment to vend off the UM threat.  The new Avenger 150 if and when launched should address to the needs of urban motorcyclists who desire the comfort and style of a cruiser, without having to pay a hefty premium for it.

With the festive season already here, it is strange of Bajaj to be still mum about the launch schedule of these bikes however, we are hoping that we are going to see the bikes anytime soon.

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on 2015-10-20 11:29:36

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