Is Bajaj planning to launch the CS400 on Feb. 1st?

Is Bajaj planning to launch the CS400 on Feb. 1st?

Snapshot: If the rumours are true, then finally Bajaj will launch the stunning Pulsar CS400 on Feb. 1st, 2016!

It took almost two whole years before any significant news arrived regarding the Bajaj Auto's Pulsar CS400, a motorcycle that hands down was the single most important display by a two wheeler manufacturer at the Auto Expo 2014. News is coming in from our friends at Zigwheels that the rumoured unveil of an all new product scheduled for February 1st, 2016 by Bajaj might be the CS400, and not the expected model from the new Bajaj commuter brand.

However, this rumour/speculation may or may not be true since, we are yet to see any spy shots of test mules undergoing testing neither from India nor from any other international market where Bajaj has its presence. Saying that, Bajaj has its own track in its Pune facility and a pretty deep presence in south Asian markets too, and it shouldn't come as a surprise if Bajaj actually unveils a near production ready version of the CS400.

On the other hand, the open secret that is the 200NS FI is also ripe for launch and thus, is also a big contender for the Feb. 1st unveil/launch date. However, it does make sense and a bit of historical evidence that Bajaj might just unveil a production spec CS400, largely because of Bajaj's decision of skipping the Auto Expo 2016, meaning an unveil just before the Auto Expo 2016 would fetch huge eyeballs and attention towards Bajaj, making sure that Bajaj stays in news and ahead of its competition that is mostly going to concentrate on 200-250cc segment.

In retrospect of sorts, Bajaj Auto, to an utter surprise for the entire motorcycle fraternity of the country showcased two astonishing designs that were prelude of what was to come in future from the Pulsar brand as it became a larger bigger global model. Both of them were all new grounds up designs with single cyclinder 375cc power plants and targeted two entirely different set of riders, and they were the RS400 and the CS400. We have already seen a smaller RS200 arrive and set sales record paving the way for the larger bigger Pulsar's to come and take the game forward.

While Bajaj remained more or less tight lipped about the fate of the CS platform, it did come to your ears that the CS400 will be launched before the end of this financial year 2015-16 and the fact that the CS400 will be the first bike to launch the 375cc units in the market for Bajaj. This is a single cylinder liquid-cooled DOHC 4 Valve Triple-Spark Fuel Injected unit that is capable of producing a power output in the vicinity of 40+bhp at the crank.

Launching the CS400 would also mean that Bajaj will have an all new flagship for its Pulsar brand and it will be a product targeted towards the fast touring kind of customer base, a segment where its partner in crime, KTM isn't present, thus giving Bajaj's motorcycle line-up a much needed niche contestant.

Stay with us as we bring you more updates on the same!



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