Is Ferrari working on a V-twin Motorcycle engine?

Is Ferrari working on a V-twin Motorcycle engine?

Snapshot: Ferrari has filed an application to patent a V-Twin motorcycle engine.

A latest report related to the Supercar manufacturer, Ferrari has left us wondering, what can be a Ferrari motorcycle look like? Shocked? We were too, after reading that the Ferrari has filed an application to patent a V-Twin motorcycle engine, as the patent reads "internal combustion engine having two cylinders, which are arranged in a 'V' configuration."

With the engine design patent, Ferrari has also applied for a trademark to the name Cavallino. The word Cavallino combined with the word Rampante forms the Italian translation of 'Prancing Horse', the name by which the company is widely known as. Speculations are that, this could be a possible name of the Ferrari motorcycle, although there is no visible connection between the two patents.

The application also says something related to 'balancing shaft to reduce vibration'. Talking in engineering terms, Ferrari has removed the balancing shafts which are used to negate the engine vibrations. Ferrari says that the use of the balancing shaft is a complicated design and increases the unnecessary weight of the engine. Instead, they are suggesting to add balancing masses to the crankshaft.

While a lot of stuff is going on, related to diverging of the four wheeler and two wheeler companies, Ferrari's move can be a well planned initiative indeed. We recently reported how the Volkswagen is utilizing the Ducati's engine after its acquisition in its car XL sport. Also Lotus is planning for a motorcycle under its brand name and recent reports suggested that Mereceds is in talks to purchase MV Agusta. So this might be a calculated risk by the parent company FIAT to offer something new and exciting in the market.

Speaking of history, Ferrari has never been directly involved in production of any motorcycle, but in 1995, a British engineer, David Kay built a Ferrari 900 motorcycle in dedication to the founder of Ferrari, Enzo Ferrari. The bike was powered by a 900cc 4 cylinder engine producing 105HP power, enough to push bike at 260kmph top speed. This one and only of its kind bike was owned a British collector for 17 years before he sold it off in an auction.

We hope that Ferrari comes up with a motorcycle soon and we are able to see Superbikes with high aesthetic value combined with roaring engines.

Read the report on the VW XL sport here.

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