Is the 4-cylinder Kawasaki ZX-2R making a comeback?

Is the 4-cylinder Kawasaki ZX-2R making a comeback?

Snapshot: Is Kawasaki planning to resurrect this motorcycle from the past to compete in the quarter litre segment?

I just happened to read this news somewhere and if the rumours from Indonesia are to be trusted, Kawasaki is going to rock the quarter litre segment that has been gaining popularity around the world. The ZX-2R that was introduced by Kawasaki in 1988 for the first time and went obsolete in 1999 used to run on an engine that was 4-cylinder, liquid cooled and delivered a maximum output of 45bhp at 15,000rpm, might make a comeback sometime in the future. The mighty revving engine used to redline around 20,000rpm which might want you to use every adjective you will probably find in a dictionary.

The rumour has been initiated by a vendor who supplies parts to various manufacturers like Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki and Suzuki in Indonesia and has been asked along with many other vendors to help them prepare a 250cc 4-cylinder sporty engine.

Even though it would be illogical to think that Kawasaki will use the same specs in the current variant looking at the pollution norms and the petrol prices. Also we need to keep an eye on the power the other competitors are offering through their respective motorcycles. The availability of the twin-cylinder Kawasaki Ninja 250R in the segment also can't be ignored. Anyways, we are eagerly waiting  to hear some more on this latest development from Kawasaki. 

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on 2014-06-26 02:58:44

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