Is the Iconic Brand Cagiva owned by MV Agusta Returning to the World?

Is the Iconic Brand Cagiva owned by MV Agusta Returning to the World?

Snapshot: This might just be a big news and relate to MV Agusta's revival

Well! this Big! And, those among our new breed of motorcyclists who wonder what this fuss is all about, then we would like to tell you the fact that, Cagiva was among one of the oldest and the most renowned Italian motorcycle manufacturers that was known to make one of the prettiest motorcycles of the world. They were also a part of premier class motorcycle racing and have won races also. Also, one has always believed the Cagiva Raptor was one of the most beautiful naked motorcycles of all time. So when we heard rumours that MV Agusta is planning a revival of the iconic brand they own, we were bound to be exited.

Explaining further on the rumours, MV Agusta Executive Vice President Giorgio Girelli had let slip that Cagiva's revival is not in the company’s current plan, but that the possibility was certainly there. He was talking to Varese News on the topic when he suggested that Cagiva would make the most sense as a purely off-road brand, which would compliment MV Agusta’s pure on-road offerings.

It should be noted that MV Agusta has plans of touching 20000 Units and it is targeting the market outside of Italy especially in Western Europe and North America, while the Varese based companies target for 2015 is to sell 12000 units in total. The 20,000 unit figure is an important one, as it typically represents the vehicle volume to ensure the stability and success of an international motorcycle brand. Adding in volume from Cagiva, especially in the off-road segment would then be icing on the cake for MV Agusta and the company’s coffers.

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