Is there an Electric Harley Davidson coming soon?

Is there an Electric Harley Davidson coming soon?

Snapshot: Speculations have arisen after Harley Davidson posted a 15 second video on its Youtube channel

The dentists across the world are going to get a little busy for a while from a few hours from now mending the jaws that Harley Davidson is going to drop. The Milwaukee bike manufacturer is expected to come up with a big announcement in a few hours, and if the rumours and the teaser video Harley posted yesterday on its Youtube channel are to be trusted, it is going to be about an electric motorcycle which should be a reality sometime very soon.

Spotted for the first time at the set of the next Avenger movie in South Korea, a never seen before Harley looked like anything but a typical V-twin Harleys are known for. Every bit of detail convinced people across the world that it would be a 'production model'. This video released just a few hours ago is of a very silent bike zipping through at the US Route 66, and screams out loud that the announcement will be about nothing but an electric motorcycle.

The title of the video says "06.19.14" which doesn't need Einstein's mind to comprehend the fact that the folks at Milwaukee are gearing up for something big, very big this time.

Here is the video released by HD yesterday

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