Isle of Man TT - Legend John McGuiness to ride for Mugen in TT Zero!!

Isle of Man TT - Legend John McGuiness to ride for Mugen in TT Zero!!

Snapshot: The 21 Time winner confirms riding for Mugen at TT zero for 2015!!

The Isle of Man TT is the world's most dangerous race by a long margin. One has to be considerably bonkers in the mind department to even contemplate riding through village roads and hills at speeds touching 200 miles an hour, yup that is miles per hour, where the mile happens to be 1.6 km long. 

John McGuiness is a rider who has won a staggering 21 races in his TT career, that gives him a Godly status at the TT circuit and probably the lead contender of the world's most incredible racer too. John McGuinness has confirmed his place in the 2015 TT Zero race during next year’s Isle of Man TT, and as expected he will be racing with Team Mugen, riding the electric Shinden motorcycle. McGuinness will once again be partnered with Bruce Anstey, and the 21-time race winner expects the Japanese firm to have an all-new bike for their efforts next year. With rival team MotoCzysz not on the grid last year, Mugen was able to take their first electric class win at the Isle of Man TT, setting a record pace of 117.366 mph in the process.

McGuinness and Mugen will have their eyes set on the 120 mph barrier for next year, which would put them squarely in the supersport-speed territory at the Isle of Man, albeit over only a single-lap distance. What other teams and racers have signed onto the 2015 SES TT Zero race remains to be seen, which will be important as the Isle of Man TT is currently the last high-profile venue for electric motorcycle racing. There is legitimate concern that Mugen will be the only serious entry for 2015, but we still have many months yet to go. 

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