Its Christmas Time people!! Why not buy a Moto GP Bike?

Its Christmas Time people!! Why not buy a Moto GP Bike?

Snapshot: Ho Ho Ho you wanted a Moto GP bike for this Christmas, here you go!!!

Every year Christmas brings festivities across the globe, people beam with the joyous energies of the holiday season and wait for Santa to make their wishes come alive which mostly turns out to be either their parents or their company shelling out bonuses, or just the savings asking to be used. With everyone searching for a gift that suits perfectly to the one they are buying it for, the holiday season buying might just become a lot of confusion.

Are you having a hard time finding that special gift for the motorcyclist in your life? We might have just the thing for you. Paul Bird Motorsports is unloading their Moto GP equipment, now that the British team is leaving the premier class of motorcycle racing.

Up for sale are various pieces of machinery, spare parts, a team transporter, garage pieces…and of course, PGM’s race bikes — four PBM-built CRT machines and two Aprilia ART bikes. PBM isn’t talking dollars (or pounds sterling) just yet, as the team wants to assess interest first in all of the GP assets. Presumably, PBM wants to sell the bikes, spares, engine packages, and all the other equipment to as few buyers as possible, to keep the logistics simple.

Expect negotiations to be tough, Paul Bird was known in the GP paddock for being tight with the money, though easy with the loving. Just a reminder, when you do get that GP machine for your beloved, you might also want to see if someone is wanting to sell a race track too, as these prototype racers are not road legal.


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