Jaguar Project 7MC - The Iconic Jaguar Project 7 Inspires Iconic Street Triple!

Jaguar Project 7MC - The Iconic Jaguar Project 7 Inspires Iconic Street Triple!

Snapshot: We have Three words - Stunning, Sensational, Sumptuous, Gorgeous...well ok...we have more words than three!!!!

We usually do not talk cars here at Bikeportal, but sometimes we are just too mesmerised to not talk about one. The Jaguar F-Type is an Icon for our generation, no second thoughts about it. Successor to the most gorgeous car ever build, the Jaguar E-type, it took Jaguar 50 years to come up with the F-type, and boy they did justice to the wait. One of the most beautiful cars ever designed, the F-type has turned a page in the history of Jaguar to forever be remembered in the history as the car which is indeed a righteous successor of the legend that was the E-Type.

Then, Jaguar went further and brought to us the first iteration of the Project 7 race car based on the F-Type in 2013 and that video of Goodwood festival of Speed and that sound is the most beautiful thing we have ever heard. Fast forward to 2014, at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, Jaguar brought along one of the most stunning concepts we’ve seen to date: the Project 7 and this time it was in Green! Immediately, it drew a crowd with its attention to detail and sophisticated nod to classic British racing. But what if said concept was even more extreme, maybe in the form of a motorcycle?

That’s where Hungarian designer Tamas Jakus of Jakusa Design comes in, transforming four wheels into two, in the form of the Jaguar Project 7MC Concept. Like the four-wheeled roadster from which it’s derived, the 7MC sports a polarizing blue paint scheme and a classic “7″ moniker. What Tamas Jakus design has done is to digitally synthesize two of UK’s contemporary design/engineering icons, the sinfully beautiful Jaguar F-Type Project 7 and the brilliant Triumph Speed Triple motorcycle. The results are positively jaw-dropping Triumph re-skinned with a splattering of Project 7 elements, and has been christened as the Jaguar Project 7MC.

The naked Triumph keep its framework intact, but now has marinated itself in the gorgeous F-Type inspired, restyled, curvier fuel tank that replaces the original, and is adorned with a vent whose shape is directly adapted from the Jaguar F Type’s fender intakes. F-Type-style 5-spoke carbon wheels replace the Speed Triple’s sport rims, with Jaguar written tastefully on their walls. Tamas also whipped up a ‘70s style racing front cowl for the Triumph, which idolises the F-Type’s curves and sports a “insect” style headlamp inspired from the sports car as well. The  sport windshield replicates the angle of the Jag’s windscreen for a more coherent concept, while the under-body cowl from the Speed triple has been retained.

The reworked seat features diamond stitching with contrasting accents, and the under-seat exhausts from the motorcycle have been done away with, only to be replaced with a regular exhaust bearing Project 7 branding. The Project 7MC also sports Jaguar shield emblems covering the axle caps, clutch cover, while the front brake calipers are now done up in red.

Although, Project 7MC lives in the world of virtual existence., but just a look of our jaws drilling for oil in the ground, should be enough for anyone to know that his needs to be made. Jaguar and Triumph are you listening? Get to the shop-floor and start making it already, we demand this (and there are a million please from our side for that!!!).

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