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Jaguar XJ Ultimate launched

Jaguar XJ Ultimate launched

Snapshot: Jaguar Land rover, a part of Tata motors, has launched its new luxury car Jaguar XJ Ultimate, in India

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Jaguar Land rover, a part of Tata motors, has launched its new luxury car Jaguar XJ Ultimate, in India. This four seater was unveiled on 26th of February. The luxury vehicle is to be priced up to 1.88 crores.

This ultimate edition of Jaguar XJ had been introduced on April 2012 at the Beijing auto show. The same model has set its wheels in India now. Jaguar XJ ultimate claims to have many new features that is not available in the XJ model such as the air intakes in the front, redesigned rear seating with more comfort.

Jaguar XJ Ultimate will be available in two variants, a five litre v8 supercharged petrol option and a three litre v6 turbocharged diesel option. The former will cost a 1.88 crore in Indian rupees, while the later can be owned at a cost of Rs 1.78 crores. 

As per the company, this new car is its most luxurious and is designed to provide business class experience of luxury for its customers. Ultimate is much focused on the rear end passengers. The luxury sedan is launched by JLR as a move to increase its sales in India.

The car is specially designed with 20 inches wider wheels for better driving style. The rear deck has two individual seats with a full partition centre console, with electrically powered table. The table pops up at the centre and can be turned on either side. The car is said to be more spacious and comfortable. A stow away switch is available to move the front seats so that the rear occupants would get more leg space.

Other extra features in the car includes two ipad3 fitted to the backside of the two front seats with wireless keypads and wireless earphones, two bespoke champagne flutes and cooler. The car also has 20 speakers surround Meridian sound systems for music.

Jaguar XJ Ultimate is another big step by JLR that is projected towards grabbing the higher share of the car market in India. As per the response obtained after the release of this luxury machine, it can be concluded that, JLR have found a new stone to conquer the market.