JD Power Study says - Two Wheeler Owners Desire More Features in Their Vehicles

JD Power Study says - Two Wheeler Owners Desire More Features in Their Vehicles

Snapshot: Read on to know what the 2016 JD Power Study suggests about the two-wheelers ownership experience

The JD Power 2016 India Two-Wheeler Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout (2WAPEAL) Study says, that the number and quality of features as well as the thoroughness of the details explained by the salesperson have an extreme impact on the APEAL perceptions of a two-wheeler vehicle.

According to the study, in 2016, around 62% two-wheeler customers’ need more than 10 features. And only 10% of the total owners indicated that their two-wheelers have around 11 or more features. For scooters, the overall satisfaction with two-wheeler APEAL averages at 846 while for motorcycles it is 847.

In the scooter segment, TVS Zest 110 (875) ranks highest among executive models. In the motorcycle segment, TVS Star City Plus (863) ranks highest among economy models, and Honda CB Shine (850) ranks highest among executive models.

“Two-wheeler manufacturers are providing a multitude of features to differentiate their product offerings. However, the quality of execution of these features is pivotal to customer satisfaction,” said Mohit Arora, executive director at J.D. Power,Singapore. “It is prudent for OEMs to ensure that these new features are of optimum quality and their functionality is communicated effectively to the customer during new-vehicle delivery,”

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