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JK Tyres brings connected mobility to tyres by launching Smart Tyre

JK Tyres brings connected mobility to tyres by launching Smart Tyre

Snapshot: With the world becoming a smarter place to live in, JK Tyre has introduced a revolutionary Smart Tyre at the ongoing Auto Expo to maintain the trend.

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  • JK Tyres launches an innovative Smart Tyre technology to improve the overall tyre maintenance.
  • The revolutionary Smart Tyre technology can go on to improve fuel efficiency.
  • JK Tyres is the first company to bring connected mobility to tyres, thereby fostering the Smart Tyre market in India.

JK Tyre has created history by becoming the first tyre manufacturing company in India to launch the revolutionary Smart Tyre technology. Fittingly enough, the company has chosen the Auto Expo for announcing the launch.

The cloud-based monitoring system for tyres is the first of its kind in India. It helps in the prompt maintenance of tyres through timely diagnostics by using sensors. These sensors integrate with a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) to augment updates on the health of the tyres using various digital platforms like the JK Tyre webpage and the indigenous TREEL Care app.

The Smart Tyre technology is characterised by early detection of tyre-related problems and deploys timely preventive measures for its avoidance. Thus, it ensures higher fuel efficiency by a minimum of 4% to 5% because of reduced carbon emission. Besides, it enhances the lifespan of the tyres and minimises operational expenses.

The technology screens tyre’s vital stats like temperature and pressure. It relays the information on a real-time basis using Bluetooth to the vehicle owner’s smartphone app. The sensor-enabled technology allows for maintenance of optimum tyre pressure, thereby ensuring a higher degree of safety apart from protecting the environment.

This technology is compatible with all kinds of two-wheelers and four-wheeler vehicles. The technology is available in many variants as detailed below:

  • Cars – Smart Tyre Sensor Car Kit - Valve, MTrac Smart Sensor Car & Truck Kit - Valve, MPower Smart Sensor Car Kit – Valve
  • Bikes – Smart Tyre Sensor Bike Kit – Belt, and MTrac Smart Sensor Bike Kit – Belt

Dr Raghupati Singhania, Chairman & MD, JK Tyre, commented that JK has always taken the lead in introducing such innovations that go on to improve customer satisfaction. This Smart Tyre technology is aimed at providing advanced connected mobility solutions to customers. Besides reducing the operational costs, it enhances the value proposition to vehicle owners, especially those who operate fleets. This launch of the revolutionary technology is the first among many more such innovations to follow.

Apart from the launching of this smart technology, JK Tyres had many more things to offer at the Auto Expo.

Concept Tyre Zone – Showcasing an exciting range of concept tyres at the Expo

  • Puncture Proof Tyres – JK Tyres has introduced Puncture Resistant Technology, a unique concept for cars and two-wheelers. The Puncture-proof tyre comes with unique sealants that form a protective layer, thereby repairing the punctures automatically to ensure a safe driving experience.
  • EV Tyre – These next-gen tyres are ideal for electric vehicles. They come equipped with features like Low Noise Emission, Low Rolling Resistance, and Superior Wet Traction to ensure an environmentally-friendly driving experience.
  • Coloured Tyre – The younger generation and auto freaks would love this innovative feature. JK Tyres uses a specially formulated coloured rubber compound for manufacturing coloured car and bike tyres.
  • Fuel-Saver Tyre – The XF series, built on the state-of-the-art JETOCT technology to enhance fuel efficiency by saving up to 8% fuel when compared to the regular radian tyres.
  • Tubeless Radials – The company has introduced the next-gen Tubeless Radian Tyres for buses and trucks that use an innovative silica compound to ensure longer life, reduced operational costs, and save fuel.


These innovative inventions can go on to provide connected mobility solutions to all types of vehicle owners. JK Tyres is committed to providing maximum convenience to customers, thereby aiming to consolidate its leading position in the automobile market.

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