Jorge Lorenzo beats Marques to Italian MotoGP win

Jorge Lorenzo beats Marques to Italian MotoGP win

Snapshot: Crowd Favourite Valentino Rossi retired due to technical problems

In what could be called as the spectacular race of the season, Jorge Lorenzo of team Yamaha won the Italian MotoGP in Mugello beating Marc Marques of team Honda by split seconds which was merely 0.019 seconds. On the other hand, crowd favourite and world Champion, Valentino Rossi had to retire due to engine failure on the 23 lap.

Securing the third position was Andrea Iannone of team Ducati, as he did pretty well against the closely trailing Honda's Dani Pedrosa. The last lap between Jorge Lorenzo ad Marc Marques became the most iconic race as Marquez and Lorenzo swapped the first position four times. The race started with both Yamaha rider fighting it out for the lead position with Rossi starting with the pole position and Marc Marques starting from the fifth position. While crowd favourite Rossi managed to hold the lead position for some time, it was just for a short while. Also, Lorenzo was lucky enough to survive the similar faith as he suffered the same engine failure on the warm-up session and got his engine fixed before the race.

As Rossi retired at 23 lap, It was Marquez and Lorenzo fighting for the lead position. As Marquez managed to stay in the lead, but with just two laps remaining, he wasn’t able to hold on to the top spot for long as Lorenzo was able to late brake him.

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