Jorge Lorenzo participating at 12 Hour - Endurance Race at Abu Dhabi!

Jorge Lorenzo participating at 12 Hour - Endurance Race at Abu Dhabi!

Snapshot: Jorge Lorenzo to race in a 12 Hour Endurance Race in a Ferrari at Abu Dhabi!

Jorge Lorenzo is the poster boy of Yamaha's Moto GP functions. The two time world Champion had a dreadful start of the racing season in 2014, but as the season came to a close, we saw the true Lorenzo back with all his grit and glory as he challenged Marquez, Pedrosa and his team mate Valentino Rossi in almost every race in the second half of the season. He fought through tire troubles, weather, and showed us just how incredible a rider he is. One thing the entire paddock, the commentators, race critics and the entire Moto GP fandom unanimously accepts is that, Jorge Lorenzo has a will power made of steel and his ability to fight for the win, no matter how hard the situations get, Lorenzo just never gives up.

This weekend Jorge Lorenzo will participate in a 12-hour endurance race being held at the Yas Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi at the wheel of a Ferrari 458 GT3 Challenge Evo. It will give Lorenzo a taste of four -wheeled racing as well as it will test his ability to endure long hours of gruelling racing, a ability which he has got in immense quantities already.

The Majorcan rider will be part of the Kessel Racing team sponsored by Monster Energy and will have Liam Talbot (Australia), Jacques Duvyers (UK) and Marco Zanuttini (Italy) as teammates. Lorenzo arrived in Abu Dhabi on Thursday and will get his first contact with the Ferrari 458 as he meets with his teammates.

The event will be held on Saturday in two rounds - six hours during the day and another six hours at night, with a break of three hours in between. “I love doing this kind of thing during the winter and to be able do these events with sponsors who have supported me throughout the year, like Monster,” said the Spaniard, who has been recently in Indonesia.

“It’s a way to relax whilst also having a taste of competition. To be able to drive a Ferrari at such a special circuit is something quite unique. Also, doing so in an endurance event really motivates me.”

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