Jorge Lorenzo Performs Spectacularly in Endurance Race at Abu Dhabi!!!

Jorge Lorenzo Performs Spectacularly in Endurance Race at Abu Dhabi!!!

Snapshot: Jorge the Racer wins the Gentleman Class!

Lorenzo’s race at Abu Dhabi is one he will want to remember, not only because the Kessel Racing he was part of won the class, but because this happened the first time he raced behind the wheel of a Ferrari. As we reported earlier, Lorenzo was going to drive a Ferrari 453 GT3 Challenge EVO with Australian Liam Talbot, Jacques Duvyers (UK) and Marco Zanuttini (Italy) being his other three team mates. Team Kessel Racing completed 261 laps around the Yas Marina Circuit, but Lorenzo crashed the Ferrari around 30 minutes before the end of the race. The advantage was however big enough to secure the class win for Lorenzo and his team. Some might say that the Gentlemen class, with only one more team as opponents is hardly a class, but a win is a win.

Even more, Lorenzo and Kessel Racing have finished the Gulf 12 Hours race on position 13th overall from a total of 23 teams, which is a rather good performance with other pro-class drivers. Driving a Ferrari 458 GT3 Challenge Evo, the double Moto GP World title winner demonstrated his four-wheel skills once again to come out on top in the ‘Gentleman’ category of the event. Carrying his 99 livery and with the backing of Monster, Lorenzo triumphed for Kessel Racing, accompanied by teammates Liam Talbot, Marco Zanuttini and Jacques Duyver.

“It was an amazing experience and we even won in our category,” said the Spaniard rider, who finished 18th in the overall standings. The outright winner was Michele Rugolo, who completed 315 laps for the AF Corse team, also driving a Ferrari 458 GT3.

Jorge Lorenzo and his Racing Ferrari!!

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