Kawasaki may give Next Gen Ninja 250R Twin LED Headlights, possible 2016 Launch!

Kawasaki may give Next Gen Ninja 250R Twin LED Headlights, possible 2016 Launch!

Snapshot: If this is what Kawasaki is planning as the next gen Ninja 250R, the competition should well be worried!

After owning the quarter liter entry level sportbike category for a long time, Kawasaki has got serious competition building u for its Ninja 250R and has decided to bring in the next gen quarter liter Ninja to reclaim its dominance. Now, alongwith the rumours, an Indonesian publication Warungasep has posted a spy-shot of the upcoming Kawasaki Ninja 250R and is expected to be launched in Indonesia within 2016 only.

Expected to continue using its traditional in-line twin, the new Ninja 250R is said to be more powerful and sportier to compete with its arch rival, the Yamaha R25 and the soon to be launched Honda's answer to high performance quarter liter market, the stunning Honda CBR250RR. The twin 250cc engine on the new Ninja 250R is poised to be more powerful than the current 32Ps rating at 11000rpm and expect the peak torque output also to be higher than the current units 21Nm which comes in at 10000rpm. While the super sleek 6-Speed gearbox should continue to do duty on the Ninja 250R and we expect that the slipper clutch and ABS will also be present this time around.

According to what has been called as the spy-shots of the next gen Kawasaki Ninja 250R, the pictures showcase a rather sleek modern looking sportbike that looks fit for a 250cc unit  having a visual distinction of being a twin pod headlight cluster with what appears to be LED light assembly. Other features in design that define the new rumoured Ninja 250R are things like a revised front visor, sharper contours on the rear view mirror caps, a larger fuel tank and a completely restyled front fairing. 

We are expecting more news on the same soon, stay with us for more updates on the same! 

Image courtesy - TMC Blog!

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