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Kawasaki Ninja H2R Teaser Marathon - 22nd Talks about Precision Welding!!!

Snapshot: Another Day, Another Teaser!! and We love it !!!

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The good blokes at Kawasaki love their H2R, and yes we love it too. As the EICMA 2014 reaches its opening within a couple of days, the team green has come out with another teaser to talk about the work that has gone into their Flagship Supership Spaceship of a hyperbike H2R.

In Kawasaki’s 15th Ninja H2 teaser video, Team Green showcased the talents of its robot welders when creating the frames for their massively powerful bike. However, when it comes to complex curves or shapes, robots have their limits and humans need to take over. That’s where Kawasaki’s skilled craftsmen come in for this, the 22nd Ninja H2 teaser video. Check it out.