Kawasaki opens new showroom outlet in Navi Mumbai

Kawasaki opens new showroom outlet in Navi Mumbai

Snapshot: The new showroom is the sixth standalone showroom outlet of Kawasaki in India

Kawasaki has opened a new showroom in the Navi Mumbai on 21st June. Kawasaki already had a service centre in same area before and now the service centre has been expanded in terms of area to provide a better accommodation and servicing of the Kawasaki Superbikes. Now a total area of 3000 sq. ft has been allocated to the Kawasaki superbikes. This is the sixth standalone showroom of Kawasaki in India, apart from Navi Mumbai; other standalone showrooms of Kawasaki are located in Kolkata, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune and Chennai also.

The new Showroom is located in sector 46A, Palm Beach Road in Nerul, Navi Mumbai. The Showroom will deal in the entire product line-up of Kawasaki in India. The product line-up starts at the quarter-litre smallest sibling of the ‘Z’ series expanding up to the futuristic H2.  Apart from the motorcycles, showroom will also be dealing in the Kawasaki’s high quality riding gears and apparels. The Japanese motorcycle giant is now taking the Indian market very seriously, recently the super charged monstrous H2 was launched by Kawasaki in India and the company is working on their bigger plans for future. There are high chances that in near future Kawasaki may come up with their first cruiser motorcycle Vulcan S in Indian market.

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