Kinetic goes green with launch of 'Safar' , an Electric Auto Rickshaw!

Kinetic goes green with launch of 'Safar' , an Electric Auto Rickshaw!

Snapshot: We support Kinetic's foray into electric mobility field with the 'Safar', an electric Auto Rickshaw

The world was envisioned to be green but then someone decided to play with fuel! However, we are not at all against the internal combustion engine, infact we thoroughly worship it. Saying that, we understand that there is a dire need of saving our only planet from the evils of pollution and thus electric vehicles aren't just technical project now, they are and have to be the future of mobility for the human race.

Now, in midst of huge debate that has been the Delhi governments  Odd-Even formula and the subsequent and welcomed discussion that surrounded the pollution that vehicles emit, Kinetic Motors has launched its entry into the highly lucrative and essential electric mass mobility market with its electric Auto Rickshaw called as  the 'Kinetic Safar' in an event at Gurgaon.

As per the company, Kinetic Green Energy and Power Solutions Limited, which is a venture of Kinetic group, the Kinetic Safar’ is positioned as an eco- friendly social innovation to promote pollution free yet affordable public transport in the country. Safar is designed to ensure reduction in carbon footprint with zero emission and sound and provide a cost effective solution for last mile connectivity as well as shared public transport in cities across India.

Safar, has been approved by  ARAI and has been designed to meet all government safety norms as per Central Motor Vehicle Rules(CMVR). Its boasts of a collection of unique safety and performance features that includes an all steel body for durability and ruggedness, dual headlamp for night vision, powerful brakes for safety, dash board with battery charge indicator and speedometer. Also, abiding with the CMVR guidelines, Safar can manage a maximum speed of 25 Km per hour and can suitably carry four passengers plus the driver comfortably.

In a market that is being flooded with e-Rickshaws that are imported from China and then assembled here, the Kinetic Safar is a much more closer home affair and is capable of climbing flyovers due to its unique Gear Box system. This feature has been specifically certified by ARAI under the AIS standard for gradability. In addition, Safar provides all weather riding to its driver and passengers thanks to its cabin along with roof and glass windshield with electric wiper motor.

Kinetic Safar has been priced at INR 1.38 Lakh Ex-Showroom and as per Sulajja Firodia, Founder and CEO of Kinetic Green Energy and Power Solutions while launching the e-three wheeler in Delhi, " Safar will revolutionize last mile transport and create employment for lakhs of unemployed youth and poor. Kinetic is pleased to contribute to Government of India’s initiatives of reduction of pollution, improving health of our citizens and offering smart transport solutions'.


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