KTM 1290 Super Duke R makes its Indonesian debut

KTM 1290 Super Duke R makes its Indonesian debut

Snapshot: The launch price of the world's most powerful naked bike will be 475 million Rupiah

KTM has understood the potential of Asian market very well it seems and that's why every bike that has some serious chances of doing well is reaching Asian shores. The latest to join the Duke 390 is the big daddy of all the naked bikes around the world - the 1290 Super Duke R - which will be up for sale in the  Indonesian market from this month. KTM has priced the Super Duke at Rp 475 million (Rs 23.75 lakhs).

The Super Duke is powered by a 1,300cc V-twin engine which delivers an unbelievable but true 180bhp of power and 144Nm of peak torque. The weight of the Super Duke is 189kg which means a power to weight ratio that is beyond anyone's imagination. It also has the best of safety features KTM has to offer, but it also hinders the rider to have all the fun this bike has to offer. But nevertheless, the Super Duke offers something that no other bike can - an unmatched riding experience.

After Indonesia, we also assume the Super Duke to arrive in India after some time because of its Bajaj connection, which should make it slightly cheaper in India than in Indonesia.

If you are still wondering what all this motorcycle can do, take a look at this video KTM released last year.

Watch the 1290 Super Duke R in action

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