KTM 200 Duke turned into a scrambler by Caf?© Nomads

KTM 200 Duke turned into a scrambler by Caf?© Nomads

Snapshot: CafГ© Nomads took a KTM 200 Duke and turned it into an alluring Scrambler

KTM 200 Duke took the Indian market by storm when it was launched in the country, it is still considered to be the best 200cc naked motorcycle in its competition. Originally the Duke’s concept was totally new to Indian market as styling done by KTM on the naked monster was nothing even seen on Indian roads and performance this machine delivered was better than any of its competitions.

KTM 200 Duke was Keyne Wilson’s first project and he turned the Duke into an alluring Scrambler, Keyne is the owner of “Café Nomads”. It is a small and passionate custom builder firm that does modification jobs on motorcycles and cars as well.

The modified scrambler looks nothing like a Duke; it is dressed with a new fuel tank that is made from scratch, a custom-sewed single saddle that looks in sync with the whole scrambler concept, the digital on-board console meter’s position has been shifted to give the bike an old-school look, the handle-bar’s height has been raised that adds to the up-right riding position of the rider. The rear panel is absent and instead the tail-light and indicators are added to the chassis itself.

While the new scrambler remains unchanged mechanically, the engine still churns out 25bhp of peak power at 10,000rpm and 1.9kgm of torque at 8,000rpm. The bike has been modified in such a way that it is hard to figure out that this scrambler once used to be a KTM 200 Duke. Thumbs up to the work done by Keyne Wilson, and we hope to see more of his brillliant work in near future. 

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on 2015-04-13 01:09:28

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