KTM breaks some records, sells 1,58,760 units in 2014

KTM breaks some records, sells 1,58,760 units in 2014

Snapshot: KTM becomes largest European Motorcycle company yet again in 2014

There is nothing little about this small Austrian company. Breaking records comes easy to KTM and it is not stopping its record breaking spree anytime soon. KTM has won the recently concluded Dakar Rally 2015, which happens to be the 14th consecutive victory for the Austrian brand at the world's most gruelling race. It also performed well at the Moto3 2014 championship till the last race where Honda just inched a bit further to clinch the championship.

On the sales front, only recently we reported that the KTM's Austrian facility manufactured 1 lakh units for the first time in a year, and now KTM has closed the year 2014 at a record breaking 1,58,760 units sold. This makes KTM beat its closest competitor BMW to become largest European brand yet again. It is to be noted that KTM's JV with Bajaj Auto helped in a big way to achieve it through its Indian operations.

This sales achievement includes sales from Husqvarna, however Husky’s contribution to KTM’s 28.2% sales growth is marginal at best. With that boost in sales, KTM is also reporting a 20.7% increase in revenue (€864.6 million), taking home €75 million (EBIT). While the India and other developing markets are surely helping KTM’s volume increases, it’s clear that the “Ready to Race” brand is seeing growth in “Western” markets as well.

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